Heaven and Earth: unseen by the naked eye

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    The 360 pictures in this astonishing book were selected on the basis of their visual appeal, mostly by Amanda Renshaw, publisher at Paidon. They are arranged in order of increasing scale, from the atomic to the cosmic and are accompanied by by brief captions. The pictures capture the attention and the non-technical captions by Katherine Roucoux provide a context, greatly increasing the interest of the images themselves.

    The pictures in the book neatly define Heaven and Earth, separating that part of the Universe we can touch and taste and smell from that which is forever out of reach. The book also includes many images made with 'light' we cannot see, from electron microscopes to ultrasound and radio waves. The book is produced by Phaidon, best known for their sumptuous works on art, architecture, photography and music.
Heaven & Earth: Unseen by the Naked Eye
Phaidon Press, London 2002.
By David Malin, Katherine Roucoux, Amanda Renshaw
ISBN 0-7148-4280-X   9780714842806
UK £29.95, $US49.95, $CAN75.00, $AUD89.95, €49.95
242 x 300mm, 9½ x 11¾ inches,384pp
c.260 Color Illustrations
60 Black & White Illustrations
Introduction by David Malin
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French edition, Au-delà du Visible .
ISBN 0-7148-9340-4

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