The Invisible Universe

    Human beings have always sought meaning in the mysterious dark of the night sky. David Malin's The Invisible Universe uses the venerable constellation figures, old drawings of the sky and a rich blending of poetry to ornament his well-known images of stars, nebulae and galaxies. The enigmatic title refers to the levels of invisibility gradually peeled away by successive generations of star-gazers. The book is intended for anyone who enjoys richly detailed pictures of the natural world reproduced in exquisite detail and set in an historical context.

    The book is big (34 x 41cm, 13.5 x 16 inches) and each page displays a full size image facing a non-technical caption and short poem. The book is produced by Callaway Editions, one of the leading designers of fine printed works. It is also available in Italian and Japanese editions.

Bulfinch Press/Little, Brown and Company, New York, 1999
ISBN 0-8212-2628-2 ( Time-Warner Art Books)
$US50.00, $CAN67.00, $AUD120
13-3/8 x 16 inches
60 Black & White Illustrations
52 Color Illustrations

Italian edition, L'Universo Invisible, Invisible Universe, translated by Gabriele Vanin, Montadori, Milan, 1999.
ISNBN 88-04-47141-7
French edition L'Universe Invisible, Invisible Universe, translated by Nelly Zeitlin, Editions, E/P/A Hachette Livre, Paris, 2000,
German edition Das Unsichtbare Universum, Invisible Universe, translated by Marianne Kurda, GEO/Nicolai Velag, Berlin, 2000,
Japanese edition Invisible Universe, Newton Press, Tokyo, 1999,
ISBN 4-315-51565-5


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