Constellation of Aquarius
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Aquarius, Piscis Austrinus, Capricornius
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Image and text ©2008 Akira Fujii/David Malin Images.

In the picture above, north is at the top and the image covers 57 x 46 degrees.
Image centre is located at 21h 65m.8; -17d 55m (J2000).

About Aquarius (includes Capricornus and Piscis Austrinus).
Best seen in the early evening in August

Aquarius (The Water Carrier) is a large but relatively insconspicuous southern zodiacal constellation and has an area of about 980 square degrees, which makes it the 10th largest. Its origins as a constellation can be traced back to Babylonian times and has usually been delineated as a figure pouring water from a jar in the general direction of Capricornus and Piscis Austrinus, themselves quite watery constellations. Some more references to the constellation are in Wikipedia. Capricornus and Piscis Austrinus have their own pages.

The Sun is in this part of the sky in February and March, following the Ecliptic. The constellation embraces many objects of telescopic interest, including the Helix nebula and the Mira-like variable star R Aquarii (see below). Also notable are the globular clusters M2 (NGC 7089) and the Saturn planetary nebula NGC 7009.

Adjoining constellations:  
Aquila, Cetus Delphinus, Equuleus, Grus, Microscopium Pegasus, Pisces, Sculptor, Sagittarius

Main named stars in Aquarius: (Greek alphabet)
Albali (ε Aqr), Albulaan (ν Aqr), Ancha (θ Aqr), Hydor (λ Aqr), Hydor (η Aqr), Sadachbia (γ Aqr), Sadalsuud (β Aqr), Sadalmelik (α Aqr), Sadaltager (ζ1 Aqr), Situla (χ Aqr), Skat, (Scheat, δ Aqr).
Main named stars in Capricornus and Piscis Austrinus
Algedi (α1,2 Cap), Baten Algiedi (ω Cap), Dabih, (β Cap), Deneb Algedi (δ Cap), Dorsum (θ Cap), Fomalhaut (α PsA), Marakk (ζ Cap), Nashira (γ Cap), Pazan (ψ Cap).

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David Malin, 2009 October 15