Constellations of Boötes and Corona Borealis
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Boötes and Corona Borealis
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Image and text ©2008 Akira Fujii/David Malin Images.

In the picture above, north is at top right and the image covers 28.6 x 35.8 degrees.
Image centre is located at 15:02:46.6, +27:21:55 (H:M:S, D:M:S, J2000) Astrometric data from

Boötes and Corona Borealis
Best seen in the early evening in June

Boötes (the Herdsman) is an ancient constellation of a figure driving a bear (Ursa major) around the sky, perhaps holding the tethers of the hunting dogs (Canes Venatici) in the adjoining constellation. The brightest star here is Arcturus, the brightest in the northern sky; its name means 'bearkeeper' in ancient Greek. Other star names illuminate the striding figure — Izar (the second brightest star) means the belt or girdle, and Alkaurops (the easternmost star) is the Greek for staff or crook. There's much more about the constellation's extensive mythology in Wikipedia

The constellation covers 907 square degrees of sky and is the 19th largest. A better picture and information about Corona Borealis can be found here, and another view of the complete constellation of Boötes at a slightly smaller scale is on the page about Canes Venatici.

Main named stars in Boötes: (Greek alphabet)
Alkalurops (μ1 Boo), Arcturus (α Boo), Asellus primus (θ Boo, not visible), Haris (or Seginus, γ Boo), Hemelein Prima (σ Boo), Izar (Pulcherrima, ε Boo), Muphrid (η Boo), Nekkar (Meres, β Boo).

Adjoining constellations:   Canes Venatici, Corona Borealis, Serpens Caput

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David Malin, 2017 April 29.