Gallery 1 -- Optical photomicrographs from 4 x 5 inch originals

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DMI ref. omg090     Image title: Tartaric acid | 39.48


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Tartaric acid (CAS# 87-69-4, d-tartaric acid; dihydroxy-succinic acid; 3-dihydroxybutanedioic acid) is white crystalline organic acid found in many plants. It occurs in multiple stereoisomers (chirality) and is partly responsible for the sharp taste in wine. It can be synthesized from maleic acids or fumaric acids. Tartaric acid is used chiefly in the form of its salts (cream of tartar and Rochelle salt). Uses include an acidulant in food and in pharmaceutical applications is sometimes used as a retardant in slow-setting cements.

Polarized light, 1/4-wave plate.