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dm1-5_72 dm1-6_72 dm1-7_72 dm1-8_72 dm1-10_72
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DM1-5. Fj3609. Venus, Jupiter and Mercury and the Moon's ashen light, NW Kangaroo Island
DM1-6. 4Fj0631. Orion rising over northern Kangaroo Island (plus meteor), Kangaroo Island, SA.
DM1-7. 4Fj0908. Orion, Hyades and Pleiades in the morning sky, NE Kangaroo Island.
DM1-8. 1Fj5637. Jupiter, Venus and the Moon against the evening sky, South Hedland, WA.
DM1-10. Fv6110. The trails of the Moon and Venus reflected in a tranquil lake, South of Port Hedland, WA.

dm1-12_72 dm1-13_72 dm1-16_72 dm1-17_72 dm2-23_72
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DM1-12. 4E2818. Big Dipper in the evening sky with campfire, Hall's Creek, WA.
DM1-13. 4j1706. "Hull" South celestial pole star trail, Forrest, WA.
DM1-16. 1E8902. South celestial pole over water, stop and track, Hall's Creek, WA.
DM1-17. 1Ag10126. The View north from Hall's Creek (Lyra, Cygnus and Cassiopia).
DM2-23. 1Fa13315. Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon's ashen light at dawn, Tennant Creek, NT.

dm1-24_72 dm2-1_72 dm3-5_72 dm3-13_72 dm3-21_72
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DM1-24. 4Fj0719. South celestial pole star trails reflected in water.
DM2-1. 1Fj12134. Crescent moon at sunset, Port Hedland, WA.
DM3-5. 4E3111. Orion and venus above Quartz Wall by moonlight,Hall's creek, WA.
DM3-13. 1Fj7432. Orion sunset trail, with Mars?, Venus, the Moon and a meteor, Forrest, WA.
DM3-21. 4Fj3701. The Moon and Venus in Sagittarius

dm3-25_72 dm3-26_72 dm3-27_72
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DM3-25. 16fj0432. The Southern Cross and Carina from Kangaroo Island
DM3-26. 4Fj0807. The Milky Way over a fire-lit white cliff
DM3-27. 4Fj0719. Venus and Jupiter rise over water into a cloudy sky.

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