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Twilight landscapes from the David Miller collection
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dm1-2_72 dm1-3_72 dm1-4_72 dm1-5_72 dm1-7_72
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DM1-2. Fj2311. Sunset from Althorpe Island
DM1-3. Fj2208. Maritime sunset from cave mouth, Althorpe Island
DM1-4. Fj2328. Althorpe Islands lighthouse and rising moon
DM1-5. Fj3609. Venus, Jupiter and Mercury and the Moon's ashen light, NW Kangaroo Island
DM1-7. 4Fj0908. Orion, Hyades and Pleiades in the morning sky, NE Kangaroo Island.

dm1-8_72 dm1-10_72 dm1-11_72 dm1-14_72 dm1-15_72
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DM1-8. 1Fj5637. Jupiter, Venus and the Moon against the evening sky, South Hedland, WA.
DM1-10. Fv6110. The trails of the Moon and Venus reflected in a tranquil lake, South of Port Hedland, WA.
DM1-11. Fv6321. Big, partially-eclipsed Moon over desert landscape, Forrest, WA.
DM1-14. 4Fj1823. From Sirius to the Pleiades, November sunset at Forrest, WA
DM1-15. 10Ag0909. The morning zodiacal light and Venus, Hall's creek, WA.

dm1-19_72 dm1-20_72 dm1-22_72 dm1-23_72 dm2-1_72
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DM1-19. E0630. Hazy sunset over an angry sea.
DM1-20. E1111. Gum trees against the evening sky.
DM1-22. Fj4020. Sunset glow against rippled sky.
DM1-23. Fj5515. Sunset at Port Hedland, WA
DM2-1. 1Fj12134. Crescent moon at sunset, Port Hedland, WA.

dm2-2_72 dm2-3_72 dm2-8_72 dm2-9_72 dm2-10_72
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DM2-2. Fv12704. Multiple sunrises over Port Hedland, WA
DM2-3. Fv12715. Sunset at the end of the line, South Hedland, WA.
DM2-8. Fv8306. Sunset through hazy sky, multiple images, Hall's Creek, WA.
DM2-9. Fv12729. Sunrise over tidal flats into hazy sky, Port Hedland, WA.
DM2-10. Fv 12236. A reflection of sunlight through fog, South Hedland, WA.

dm2-19_72 dm2-20_72 dm2-21_72 dm2-23_72 dm2-24_72
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DM2-19. Fv13812. Sunrise into cloudy sky, over Mary Dam. Tennant Creek, NT.
DM2-20. Fv13903. Multiple reflected sunsets into smoky sky, Tennant Creek, WA. 2000
DM2-21. Fv13203. Full Moon in the morning twilight, Tennant Creek, NT.
DM2-23. 1Fa13315. Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon's ashen light at dawn, Tennant Creek, NT.
DM2-24. Fa13303. 2000 May 3. Taurus at sunset over cone hills, Tennant Creek, NT.

dm2-25_72 dm3-3_72 dm3-7_72 dm3-8_72 dm3-9_72
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DM2-25. Fj5727. Moonset over water, with Earth shadow, S Hedland, WA.
DM3-3. Fj5920. Smoky sunrise below Orion, NW of S Hedland, WA.
DM3-7. Fj1216. Moonrise over Mt Feathertop above Earth's shadow, NE Victoria
DM3-8. Fv10910. Sunset into bush and beautiful clouds, Warakurna, WA
DM3-9. Fv10528. Sunset seen across the sea. Sun reddened by smoke, Broome, WA

dm3-10_72 dm3-14_72 dm3-16_72 dm3-18_72 dm3-22_72
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DM3-10. Fj5326. Vivid red sunset sky over lake, Forrealfield, WA.
DM3-14. 4Fj1621. Orion low in sunset sky, Forrest, WA.
DM3-16. Fv13011. Sunset rainbow at Tennant Creek. NT.
DM3-18. Fv8322. Five images of the sunset and birds at Hall's Creek WA
DM3-22. 4Fj3710. The Big Dipper over spire-like termite mounds.

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DM3-27. 4Fj0719. Venus and Jupiter rise over water into a cloudy sky.

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